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The Shoots

A lot of time, money and effort go into each and every shoot at Baconinabox. Please be on time for your photoshoot. Anyone later than 10 minutes without a phonecall to Baconinabox will not get a shoot that day. If you need to cancel or are running late please phone Baconinabox at 250-514-4012. Please cancel atleast 24 hours prior to the shoot so that Baconinabox can book someone else. If Baconinabox does not receive confirmation atleast 24 hours prior to the shoot, there will be no shoot.
  • A deposit of 50% is required to book a shoot with Baconinabox.
  • Some props and wardrobe are available at the studio. (peacock feathers, hats, fans, roses, etc.)
  • After the shoot you will receive a link to a private online photo album where you can choose which shots you wish to be retouched. Baconinabox can choose for you if you prefer.
  • Everyone must sign a release form that states that Baconinabox Photography retains full rights to the photographs. You may not sell, alter or edit the photographs in any way.
  • Baconinabox does not release non-retouched photos (except proofs for weddings). Your photographs will be archived incase you would like extra prints or retouched photographs at a later date.
Please arrive with:
  • Heels
  • Flesh coloured underwear
  • A cd to listen to while we shoot (optional of course)
Please email me with any questions or comments at